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Benefits of a Plumbing Inspection for New Homeowners


Orlando PlumberJust using a dab of common sense most all new homeowners should insist on having a complete home inspection on the property in question by a licensed inspector prior to close of escrow. What you may not know is that list will not offer a complete plumbing inspection. Oh sure, the inspector may flush the toilets, turn the water on in the sinks or shower but that's about it, and you can bet your bottom dollar, it will not include a sewer or pipe inspection.

So what's a new homeowner to do when buying an older or even a new home? Well the best solution is to remember this mantra: It's better to know a reliable plumbing company and not need them, than to need them and not know them. Another thing we hear from friends and clients alike is that some believe they know more about solving plumbing conundrums than a professional. Look folks if you want to change a light bulb go ahead, that's the easy stuff. But when it comes to the hard stuff like broken pipes, faucets that leak constantly or that putrid toilet that suddenly became plugged up, or the sewer or water line pipe that leaks underground out to the street causing your water bill to approach the national debt, best you leave the fixing part to a professional. We do this for a living; you don't.

Actually when you get down to it checking the plumbing in your home should be the first thing on the agenda in order to solve minor problems before they become a monolithic headache that can cost you big bucks. That said keep in mind that if you're moving into a new or existing home, you may not be prepared for all the problems you face. So prior to putting your name on all the legal paperwork, take a home tour with your local plumber to assist in seek-out issues you may have ignored. It's also a good way to develop a close relationship to insure that future plumbing work is completed correctly the first time.

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