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Dealing with overflowing water?


Orlando PlumberIf you are a home owner or a renter and you have an older house, it is pretty likely that at some point you will have to deal with a flood due to backed up plumbing. Here's a tip: even if you are fairly handy, call the plumber. There are serious consequences that can come from trying to fix a backed up drain in an old house if you don't know exactly what you are doing. The amount of further damage you could do to your home could lower its value considerably and end up requiring significant repairs.

Plumbing problems in an old house can result in serious damage and loss of property if not handled by a professional. Water damage weakens and destroys older building materials. What's worse is that you could end up with mold. If an old house starts to mold, you have serious problems. All it takes is a mishandled flood to start happening. 

Plumbing in a home is interconnected and a problem in one place may manifest itself as a sink backing up in another place. If an acidic drain clearing product is used on the wrong type of pipes, you could end up with water leaking into the infrastructure of your home. If a pipe is jarred or unscrewed or its seal is compromised in some way by someone without the proper training, it could end up costing way beyond what the initial problem would have cost to fix professionally.

If you think you can handle a sink backing up like its a handyman project, think again. Do you have the tools to handle piping? Are you trained in plumbing? Do you know how the plumbing in your home is interconnected? Do you have the proper parts and seals? A plumbing emergency isn't the time to find out, hire a plumber.

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