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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Orlando Drain CleaningDrain clogs are a real hassle. They can put a real damper in the function of your home, and the sooner you get them unclogged, the sooner you can get back to normal living, and have use of your pipe. So how exactly do you clear a clog, and what types of products or devices are safe to use on drains?

Many people want to immediately run to a liquid, or chemical-based drain cleaning, when they get a clog. But are these safe? Not only for you, but for your pipes. The truth is; chemical drain cleaners are harder on your pipes than you may realize. They can actually cause more damage and make the situation worse.

Chemical drain cleaners can ruin PVS piping. Most chemical-based pipe cleaners have acid and lye in them, two things that are not only harmful and damaging to your pipes, but they are extremely dangerous for you. The bottom line is that over-the-counter drain cleaners are chemicals that need to be used with extreme caution. You do not want to wind up with severe medical problems, just from trying to clear a clog.

So how can pipe cleaners harm you? If the gases or fumes from them are inhaled., they can burn your nasal passages and your lungs. They can burn your skin, cause rashes and more. These products are irritants, and should be handled with the utmost care, using safety measures. You should wear gloves, protective skin covers, and a mask. Children should never have access to these chemicals.

The toxicity issues these products can cause, do not sound like anything you would want to handle, or should handle. You may wonder; then, how do you clear a clog? The answer is simple: call a professional. A professional plumber has all the right equipment and tools to get rid of any clog; without any danger to you, your children, or your home.

Professional plumbers can clear your clog with equipment that will preserve your plumbing, and will keep you from having to handle or inhale any chemical. They have the potential to see all the details about the clog, and the unforeseen issues that you never knew existed. They have all the right tools to handle just about any issue that’s there; or develops, due to the clog. The next time you have a clogged pipe; call a professional. You’ll be so glad you did.

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