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How to Salute Earth Day by Going Green

If you aren’t in the habit of celebrating Earth Day every year, make this the year to start. Take time on April 22 to get educated about climate change, global warming and how each action you take as a homeowner and as a consumer can hurt or help the environment.

Hopefully, some of the lessons learned on Earth Day will compel you to make these eco-friendly behaviors something that you incorporate into your daily life at home going forward.

Earth Day Celebrations on April 22

There is no end of ways in which to celebrate Earth Day in Orlando. You can check out the 12th Annual Central Florida Earth Day, where you can enjoy music, art, eco-friendly exhibitors and learn about vegan cooking, sustainable practices and how you can make environmentally friendly decisions.

If you are an animal lover you can attend the Party for the Planet at the Central Florida Zoo. There are numerous smaller, neighborhood celebrations to partake in all over the area. Check it out!

Eco-Friendly Water Heater

save-waterYou use both extra water and extra energy if you are heating your water via a traditional storage tank heater.

Consider switching to a tankless version which will help save the earth and save you money in operating costs.

Some additional benefits include a longer life span and a smaller size, making them more convenient.

They work by heating water on-demand, rather than heating water and storing until you need.

Heat inevitably escapes from a storage tank, meaning that water needs to be reheated.

Time to Work on the Carbon Footprint

To be truly good to the environment, you’ve got to do everything that you can to reduce your carbon footprint. Combining small changes in a number of your habits can make a big difference. Here are a few:carbon-footprint

  • install a programmable thermostat at home
  • hang insulated curtains to keep the heat out and the cool in
  • replace old light bulbs with LED lights
  • unplug appliances when you aren’t using them
  • always fix plumbing leaks
  • get a rain barrel to catch water for your plants and garden
  • change your diet to eat a meatless meal once a week
  • buy local food and eat produce that is in season
  • instead of driving, walk or ride a bike
  • carpool

Low-Flow Showers and Toilets

Of all the rooms in your house, most water waste happens in the bathroom. Reduce this by installing low-flow showers and toilets that still operate well with adequate water, but remove the waste.

Improve your toilet’s operational efficiency even more by installing a dual flush system which gives you more control over your water use.

Water Filtration Options

Now that you are getting the hang of going green, it is time to stop buying plastic water bottles, which often end up in landfills.

Instead get a point-of-use filter installed right on your faucet (or counter or under sink mount if you prefer). You get high-quality water without doing the earth damage.

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