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House Water Filtration Benefits in Orlando, FL

House Water Filtration Plumber Orlando,FLYou can easily obtain safe, clean water for your entire home from a single filtration unit. Modern plumbing allows for a house water filtration system to start filtering right at the main pipe so that every faucet and hose provides clean water. Even if you live in an area like the City of Orlando that is exploring a Water Purification Demonstration Project to provide residents with a safe source of drinking water you can still benefit from your own water filtration system. The pipes leading to your house can pick up dirt and contaminants even when the city filters your water. Installing a house water filtration system to ensures pure, safe water now and in the future.

A two-year study conducted by the Washington-based Environmental Working Group found that even the leading brands of bottled water contains a variety of contaminants found in unfiltered tap water. The 2008 study reported that the bottled water contained 38 chemicals, such as fertilizer, bacteria, solvents, caffeine and the radioactive element strontium. Researchers concluded that some of these chemicals came from the tap water that companies put in their bottled water, but other contaminants likely came from the plastic bottles themselves. You can avoid that with a water filtration system that brings filtered water straight to your glass with no chance for plastic contamination. Skipping bottled water also saves you money, plus filtered water leads to softer skin and shinier hair. With a whole house filtration system even the water you use to wash your clothes and dishes, water your plants and give your pets is a higher quality.
A water filtration system may be especially beneficial if you live in Orlando, FL that often relies on well water, which also would not benefit even from a city filtration program. Well water can erode your pipes, irritate your skin and stain your clothes, your sinks, your toilet bowls and your bathtub or shower stall. Residue from the water can stick to your dishes, creating a displeasing film that takes time to scrub, if you can even get it off.
Think of your family and call a licensed plumber to install your system. Installation usually takes only an hour or two. Unlike shower or faucet filters that need changing every couple of months, a filter for a house system can go years without needing to be replaced. Most systems require installation by a plumber to be covered under warranty.

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