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Why is Your Water Discolored?

If there is one thing most people don't like to deal with, it's discolored water coming out of the faucets or showers of their Orlando homes. While the cause may be something that's non-threatening, there are also plenty of times when the discoloration may mean a serious problem exists.

Orlando, FL Water Filtration ServicesIn any case, discolored water means a plumber needs to be called as soon as possible to examine the problem and determine what can be done to fix the situation and return the water to normal once again. If you discover your water to be discolored, here are some possible causes.

Mold or Sewage

If a home's water has turned a brown or black color, there's a good chance it has mold or perhaps sewage in it. If this is the case, a plumber needs to be called immediately in order to confirm this and make the necessary repairs. In many cases, these repairs may be costly since it will involve possibly replacing the sewer line. If mold is determined to be the cause of the problem, more than likely the home's pipes are too old and will need to be replaced.

Rusted Pipes

Perhaps the most common problem when it comes to discolored water, rusted pipes can usually be found in older homes that have been in place for more than 50 years. If rust has built up in the pipes, the water will become yellow, orange, or red and will be that color no matter which fixtures it comes out of each time. If this is happening in the bathroom, the water will often stain the porcelain sink or bathtub and be virtually impossible to remove.

Therefore, it's important to contact a plumber as soon as this problem is noticed, since it will involve replacing the home's pipes. Although a rather large repair bill awaits, it's necessary in order to guarantee the problem will be eliminated.

Algae and Organisms

While it may sound gross to many people, the fact is most water always has some organisms living in it at some point. However, if it has too many the water can become discolored by turning either green or bluish-green, indicating algae or other organisms are present. An Orlando plumber should be called at this point to test the water and fix the problem, which can involve treating the water with special chemicals or possibly replacing the pipes or possibly the home's main water line.

If your water is discolored in your Orlando, FL home, call Shamrock Plumbing at (407) 292-8881 today, and we'll solve the problem for you!

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