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Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal? 

Orlando Garbage DisposalWhen you are looking to make some improvements and updates to a kitchen we always recommend the installation of an under sink garbage disposal unit. These handy little gadgets grind small food scraps into tiny pieces, which can then be passed into the sewage system to make sure they are removed from the garbage system and reduce the amount of trash entering landfills around the world.

We recommend the installation of a garbage disposal unit in every kitchen as these kitchen appliances can present a number of benefits and advantages for those hoping to reduce the amount of time they spend cleaning up in the kitchen. The amount of time spent moving between the sink area and the trash can is reduced as small food scraps are simply scraped into the sink and removed from the kitchen via the garbage disposal unit. Not only is the clean up simple after any meal, the operation of the appliance is also simple as the disposal unit operates from a switch close to the sink and usually just needs cold running water to work efficiently and effectively.

We also feel that the use of a garbage disposal unit can have a positive effect on the world around us, largely by eliminating waste passing into landfills that are already filled to overflowing. Food waste is North America is said to total somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the total amount of daily household waste thrown away by people. By including a garbage disposal in any kitchen remodel or update we can help a household reduce their trash sent to landfills by the 10 to 20 percent that is made up of food scraps and waste.

In the past, our company found many homeowners were worried by what was perceived to be a high noise level associated with the use of a garbage disposal, which has now been eliminated with low noise options now available on the market. Including a low noise option in a kitchen can mean a garbage disposal is hardly noticed when in operation. Taking all these factors into account, we believe a garbage disposal is always a good idea for any homeowner looking for a kitchen update.

It is your time to benefit from the advantages of a garbage disposal! Call Shamrock Plumbing today at (407) 292-8881 for efficient installation services in the Orlando area. 

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