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DIY Plumbing Projects You Are Better Off Leaving To A Professional Plumber


Orlando PlumberRemodeling your home is an exciting venture and adds a personal touch unique to your style. Many basic projects completed by you are simple and easy to accomplish, such as replacing that outdated faucet or painting the walls. However, some projects require professional services to complete safely and correctly. One example is installing a gas water heater and the dangers presented if done improperly. Leaking gas poses a serious health issue and is extremely dangerous with the potential to cause an explosion, demolishing your entire home. A professional has the proper training and tools to install your water heater according to manufacturer’s recommendations and to check for gas and water leaks.

Remodeling the bathroom is a dream many homeowners wish to complete. Updating and creating a new look by moving your tub and vanity to new locations in the bathroom is an exciting thought, with it comes the issue of moving plumbing to accommodate the new arrangement. Moving these items may require re-routing the entire plumbing system of the bathroom. This task has the potential to turn into an expensive and difficult project for the average handyman. Hiring a professional plumber for this job is a wise and will save you time and money.

Many homeowners attempt to install a garbage disposal only to experience blown circuits or a disposal that does not work at all. The majority of quality disposals manufactured today have a safety feature that prevents an improperly installed disposal from turning on. Plumbing that is not attached correctly may leak and remain undetected until you smell a stomach turning odor. An undetected water leak will eventually ruin wood cabinets by warping and staining them. Mold and mildew will develop adding to the destruction of cabinets and the expense of replacing your wood cabinets.

Consult with a professional before beginning a home remodel involving plumbing and avoid the frustration of a DIY project gone wrong.

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