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Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed


Orlando Garbage-Disposal-ServicesThe garbage disposal unit is a device that sits in your sink and is used, primarily by flipping a switch, to grind down and get rid of certain waste products. It is a hard working and sturdy machine that takes a beating over the years. Being that it is installed out of sight these sort of things typically do not get the upkeep that they warrant. Many times you will not be exactly aware of your garbage disposal unit until it gets jammed, or quits working. What are the primary reasons for the breakdown of a garbage disposal unit? Who can fix them?

A garbage disposal unit is subjected to a great many different waste products that it should not be. People shove anything they can down the garbage disposal, preferring the quick resolution to actually having to take the trash out. Because of this we will see units get jammed by things like glass, rags, paper towels, hair, and even grease. The primary cause of these jams is the slow buildup of this waste and sediment. Things like the above list, hair and grease especially, tend to build up over time and slowly cause a jam. Other issues like glass are caused when people drop bowls or cups in their sink and do no think to thoroughly clean out their unit.

If you find that you have a jammed garbage disposal unit the first thing you should do is turn off the unit and call a professional. By no means whatsoever should you put your hand in to the unit, any sort of malfunction could cause an injury. A professional plumber can come in and diagnose the severity of your jam and lead you to a safe and simple resolution, often involving the opening of the unit or the inspection of the grinding mechanism.

You can avoid incurring new jams by being more particular with what gets put down your disposal unit. Put a screen over the opening to prevent inappropriate substances from getting shoved down the garbage disposal unit. This will add to the life of the unit.

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