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Dangers of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line


Orlando plumberThe traditional home owner has to deal with many problems of the life of their home. They will have to repair, replace, and even renovate parts of their home. They will have to deal with storm damage, flood damage, and other damage from their environment. These are all expected damages that come with owning a home. One damage that most people do not ever expect is the damage of sewer lines as caused by tree roots in their yard.

The sewer line in the yard of a modern home should be buried about 25 feet deep, well away from searching tree roots, but some older homes did not bury their lines that deep. So when you see a large Willow in the front yard you have to acknowledge the fact that the roots have to go somewhere. Oftentimes, in their search for food, these roots will branch out and find the more shallow sewer lines. From here they will begin to wind around the piping, slowly and over many years, and begin to damage the line. The damage that tree roots cause can range from minor to very severe. A leak in your sewer line can lead to flooding in your yard or even your basement. Past acknowledging what damage the roots can cause to your home, as a result of the damaged sewer line, one should look at the time and money that will be required to mend the issue. Excavating sewer lines to chop away tree roots used to be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately for the modern plumber certain tools are being used that make our job easier in attacking these tree roots at the source of the problem.

So as one can see there are many hidden issues lurking in the yard that is over run by trees. While they are beautiful the roots that large trees send out can be damaging to your home and yard. So if your home is older and you fear that you may be at risk for root born damage, give a plumber a call.

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