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No one wants to have a clogged toilet and no one certainly wants to do the messy work to unclog the toilet. Usually if the commode is clogged and won't clear with a simple plunger, it's best to call a plumber to help out with the job.

Toilet Problem

Sometimes a toilet is clogged from something simple like too much paper, and if that's the case, a plunger will usually do the trick. Other times, especially if you have children in the house, a toilet can get clogged because something was flushed down the toilet that wasn't supposed to be, such as a toy, eyeglasses or even a remote control. If this is the case, it's important to call a plumber for help. The item can be wedged into the neck of the toilet and plunging it just lodges it in further. A plumber has specialized tools at his disposal to find out what is stuck fast in the toilet. He may even have to put a flexible snake with a camera down the toilet to see what and where the clog is located. If it's wedged tightly, the plumber may have to remove the toilet from the floor, take it outside, flip it over and try to dislodge the item. If it can't be done using a snake with grippers on the end, it sometimes can be done with a high powered sprayer that will blast the object free from the toilet neck. This usually brings success, but it's not a job for the average homeowner to do.

Occasionally, even when removing the toilet to retrieve the object, the object is not able to be removed. If this is the case, a new toilet has to be installed in the bathroom. This is a routine job for a plumber and can be done professionally without much time. For the homeowner, it can be a big job.

When dealing with a clogged toilet, it's good to try to clear a simple clog yourself first, but if it doesn't clear easily, calling a qualified plumber to take care of the job is always the best choice to make!


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