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Precautions to Take to Prevent Slab Leaks

When a Orlando home sustains damage to its foundation, the results can be high repair bills as well as a large reduction in its value on the real estate market.

Orlando, FL slab_leak_repair_360One of the biggest causes of foundation damage involves slab leaks, which are leaks that occur in pipes that are located within the foundation's walls or are buried underneath the foundation.

While this may seem like a problem that can be hard to prevent, actually the opposite is true. By taking a proactive approach to the problem and having a plumber conduct an inspection of the home's foundation and pipes, it's very possible to make sure slab leaks do not happen.

Analyze pH Levels in Water

While many people may have heard of pH levels in water, very few ever think of it in relation to the water in their home.

However, if pH levels of a Orlando home's water become too high, pipes can begin to corrode from within and slab leaks can be the result.

Unfortunately, many times these problems go undetected for long periods of time, which can be months or even years before damage begins to show.

However, by that time the damage is usually severe and will require major repairs. Plumbers can analyze pH levels of a home's water, which can then be adjusted to return to normal levels.

Be Wary of Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners may do a good job getting rid of clogs and other debris, but they are very hard on the inside of pipes. As a result, the pipes can begin to rust or corrode and let water begin to leak out into the foundation.

This is a result of the chemicals contained in the drain cleaners, which are designed to be very harsh and potent so they can easily clear clogs from pipes. By being more careful about what gets into drains and examining alternative ways to clear clogs, the chances of a slab leak can be lessened.

Dark-Colored Water

If a home suddenly starts to have water that looks dark or rusty, a slab leak may be to blame. When water turns this color, it usually means pipes within or underneath the foundation have developed rust or corrosion and have holes or cracks in them.

A plumber should be called to examine the pipes and foundation for damage, and the water should not be used until the problem has been fixed.

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