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Reasons Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners


Orlando plumberBuying a new home is both exciting and nerve wrecking. There are so many details that must be addressed before you complete the purchase of your dream house. Most financial institutions require an inspection before agreeing to lend the money. General home inspections do not provide the essential information needed to make an educated decision on that true value of the home. While general home inspections look at everything from the foundation of the home to testing the paint for lead. However, inspectors that specialize in the plumbing trade, can do a detailed investigation of possible issues with the pipes,vents, traps and clean-outs. This type of investigation is not just limited to the buyer in the transaction.

When purchasing a new home every buyer must not only think of the cost of the home at this moment but also the complete cost of maintaining the home for several years. What may seem like a great deal can soon go sour when you realize you will have to spend thousands more than planned to install new plumbing or fix the old plumbing issues. With this information in hand, buyers can then renegotiate a fair price for the home.The real estate market is so competitive, if you as a seller want to make your home stand out above the rest you must go that extra mile to show potential buyers the value in the price. A stellar inspection report from certified professional plumbing inspector can give potential buyers that added piece of mind. Also it will speed up the process of bank approval if the inspection is already complete.

A plumbing inspection does have a significant fee. However, this is a small price to pay for the security of knowing that you are making the right investment. A simple plumbing inspection can be completed within a few hours. Taking the time as a buyer or a seller to have a professional plumber come out and inspect the property can help to make for a very smooth transaction.

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