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Could you have a slab leak?


What Is A Slab Leak?If you have a leak that is underneath the concrete of your home, then you have a slab leak. This type of issue is also known as a pinhole leak. One of the pipes that help to provide water for the house has cracked in some way. This can cause serious issues if it is not fixed as soon as possible. We have seen many of these types of leaks over the years.

There are various signs as to whether it is a slab leak or not. They need to be looked into no matter what, as they may also be signs of other issues. Your gas bill will go up. Your water bill will increase, as well. The floors may feel warm or you may even hear running water when no faucets are on.

If you are wondering why this has happened, we can only give you our best guess. While it is commonly assumed that this happens due to the initial installation being done improperly, it seems that it is really about the copper pipes and the water supply reacting to one another. Copper piping is outdated and there are other options to make sure that this does not happen again.

If one uses soft copper piping or other inferior materials, there will likely be a leak within a few years. This can be costly to fix if you allow it to go too far. For those that are worried that they may have a slab leak, there are ways that we can diagnose the problem. We can come out to where the leak is and look over the area. If it is not immediately obvious, we use an electronic leak detection service. We can use equipment to try and pick up the problem before having to break ground.

We can then replace the piping, if it is necessary. We would use stronger materials for restoration. This should help to solve the leakage issues that you may be having.

We have the best workers in the industry devoted to finding real, long term solutions to the issues that our customers may have. If you have a slab leak, or other plumbing issues give us a call at 407-292-8881 and set up an appointment today!

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