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During the summertime most of us use more water than we would any other time of the year. Everybody loves to come inside to the nice AC and have a good fresh glass of water. But nobody wants to see discolored, nasty water coming into their cup. If this happens, it's quite apparent that there is a problem with your water and most likely has been contaminated somewhere. You probably want to know what happened? By hiring a professional plumber, they can do backflow testing to check for a reversal in the water flow to your home.

It may not seem like a huge problem, but actually is quite a bad one. What it means is that no valve existed to control water flow between your home and the cities water supply. More specifically, there are two types of the problem. One is back pressure and the other is back siphonage. Problems with back pressure happen whenever the pressure downstream is higher than the upstream pressure. This happens when there is a decrease in the water supply pressure or there is an increase in the downstream or even both. Back siphonage is the exact opposite of back pressure  It occurs when there is a negative pressure in the water system. This only really occurs when a lot of water is being used somewhere else like a fire hydrant in use or a water main break. In either case, these are problems that are not good for the health of your water supply.

By having backflow testing performed by us, we can tell you the cause of your water's contamination and offer you a solution to the problem. There isn't anyone out there that wants contaminated water because there are a lot of health risks that it poses. You can be sure that after we perform backflow testing on your water supply that you will have clean water running once again.

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