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Ways to reduce your water heater's energy consumption


Orlando Water Heater MaintenanceOne of the most pressing social concerns today is energy conservation. Homeowners are in the position to make a big difference by simply reducing their energy consumption. There are at least five ways to reduce your water heater's energy usage, which accounts for 18% of a home's energy consumption. Reduce the gallon per minute flow from faucets and showers, reduce the water heater's thermostat 10-20 degrees, insulate the exterior of your hot water heater, install heat traps in your hot and cold water pipes and replace older water heaters with an Energy Star rated appliance.

Lower Your Water Heater's Thermostat

The average water heater is set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit when it could be set 10-20 degrees lower and still provide a comfortable temperature for hot water throughout the home. Lowering the temperature 10 degrees reduces energy consumption. This could save the family as much as $30 annually.

Water Flow Reduction from Faucets and Showers

Reduce water flow to 2.5 gallons per minute or less using a low-flow aerator faucet or shower head. The aerator will mix air into the flow of water maintaining the water pressure and the temperature. With a 50% reduction in your water bills, replacing your faucets and shower heads will be paid for in months.

Orlando PlumberInsulate Your Water Heater's Exterior

If your water heater is hot to the touch, heat is escaping from its interior. This means the heater is constantly reheating the water when it cools down. The more your water heater has to reheat the water the more energy it uses. Help the heater keep the heat inside with exterior insulation that keeps the heat from escaping.

Add Heat Traps to Your Hot and Cold Water Pipes

A heat trap prevents hot water from escaping out of the water heater. Get heat traps for both your hot water and cold water pipes. This addition could reduce your water bills considerably.

Energy Star Rated Water Heaters

High-efficiency water heaters are made for electric, natural gas and solar powered homes. Save as much as 15-55% on your energy bills by installing an Energy Star rated water heater. Energy Star rated water heaters can save as much as a $100 or more is energy costs.

Start conserving energy on your hot water usage. Reduce your heaters thermostat by 10-20 degrees. Reduce your water flow rates throughout the house. Insulate your tank's exterior. Install heat traps in your hot and cold water pipes. If you're able, buy an Energy Star rated water heater. Become a conservative user of energy with your new approach to water usage. Start with your water heater.

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