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What Consumes the Most Water in my House?

As plumbing contractors, we often hear the question, "Why is my water bill so high? I don't see any leaks around my house." Although leaks are most often the culprit in high water bills, they are often difficult to detect.

Additionally, other factors are most likely contributing to high water bills. Not only is it important for your budget to find ways to reduce your water bill, it's also an environmental issue as clean water is becoming more scarce all over the earth.

Monitor Your Meter

Although most water meters are accurate, they can malfunction, particularly if they are older, giving incorrect usage readings. Keep a record of how much water your home uses per month.

If the number suddenly goes up, the meter could be the culprit. Contact your water utilities company and ask for a technicians to come out to check the meter to make sure it is working properly.

Find Pesky Toilet Leaks

Leaks can be sporadic or located in areas that are not readily visible, thus requiring some detective work. Toilets are one of the most common places for leaks to occur and often can waste hundreds of gallons per day. When toilet leaks are found, repair them immediately.

To find a toilet leak, wait five to 10 minutes after the last flush and remove the tank cover. If the waster level in the tank is high and keeps spilling into the overflow tube, a leak is present. Another way to determine if a leak is present is to put food coloring or a leak detector tablet in the tank. If colored water appears in the bowl after 30 minutes, you have a leak.

Water ConsumptionService Line Leaks

These types of leaks can be difficult to detect and often need the expertise of a professional plumber to locate the trouble. However, you can take some steps to diagnose whether a problem exists in this area.

Telltale signs that indicate that a service line leak may be present include wet spots on your property between your meter vault and house, hissing sounds coming from your main shut off valve when water is not being used and leaks in your basement near the location of your service line. To check for a leak, turn off the main valve and then check your water meter.

If it's running, you may have an underground leak.

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