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Common Bathroom Problems During a Remodel


What Should I Do? 

When getting ready to remodel your bathroom you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. However, acquiring the help of a professional plumber will greatly ease the stress and tension of the situation (not to mention the amount of work you'd have to do).

Once you have chosen a good plumbing company there will still be challenges, common issues that always need to be addressed.

The most common of these is that unfortunate fact that your previous pipe configuration is unlikely to be the best set up to accommodate your new bathroom. A repiping job will almost certainly be required to repurpose your bathroom's piping to your new vision.

This means that you will need to work closely with the plumber and advise him or her on where you would like the new plumbing to be placed to accommodate the placement of everything within your new bathroom.

A second major concern is damaged piping, hence, if there has been any prior leaks or malfunctions with your bathroom plumbing, make sure that you tell your local plumber immediately, well before any major work is done.

Codes to Follow

There are also a variety of different plumbing codes that need to be followed. This issue is of less concern to the person hiring the plumber as a good professional will be very knowledgeable on the subject (or at least, should be). However, be aware that not all plumbing codes are the same and every local plumbing code is slightly different depending on where you live.

Bathroom RemodelingThis will be especially important to consider when moving and/or remodeling a new home. These codes will dictate what kind of pipes you need (such as plastic or metal), the height of certain ventilation and so on. Codes such as these are usually implemented for matters of safety with a premium placed upon plumbing material that is leak resistant and fire retardant.


The last major concern most people face when remodeling their bathrooms is when to replace their shower or tub. This is sometimes hard to determine but failing to do so can have rather catastrophic consequences (such as in the event of a leak).

Many people simply replace their shower and tub when remodeling to better fit their aesthetic vision, but there are more practice reasons as well.

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