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Water heater is an important household appliance that works hard day after day to provide you with gallons of hot water. For this reason, its proper maintenance is necessary to ensure its hassle free operation.

You should begin by checking the owner’s manual for maintenance tips and any precautions that you may have to take before attempting to service your heater. If you have no manual, you can request one by calling or writing the manufacture or you can even request it online.

The frequency of servicing would depend upon various factors such as model and age of your heater, whether there is a water softener system installed in your house and hardness of your water.

We are providing few tips on maintaining your water heater. However, if you feel that you won’t be able to do it perfectly, you can always call a reputable professional:

•The temperature and relief value in your water heater is important for the safety of the equipment. You should raise the leaver upwards for testing the temperature halfway and then release it. If water heater is working properly, it will automatically return to its original position.

•In case you have a electric water heater, you should first turn off the electricity to prevent it from burning out. Now check which of the circuit breaker controls the supply. Examine the connections at the top of water heater for any loose or frayed wires. If you have some doubts, you can get the checked by an electrician. In case of gas heaters, you should first shut off the gas as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Gently remove the access cover of its burner area and the pilot light. Remove any dirt and debris and examine its top to ensure that its exhaust flue is secure. It is best if gas heaters are installed at least 18 inches above the ground.

•You must flush out the hot water tank on regular basis for removing any fragments settled at its bottom. A minimal flush is possible by placing a bucket under the drain valve. Close the valve after draining a bucket of water or you can even drain more if you want to ensure the removal of potential debris inside.

•Now you should set the temperature of your water heater. The temperature setting valve is situated either at the back or on the lower side of the water heater. While checking the water temperature, you must check the temperature dial. If its registered temperature is over 120 degrees, you should turn it back to 120 degrees to save energy. It will also prevent water heater from burning out rapidly.

With these simple steps, you can ensure hassle free operation of your water heater.

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