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A clogged sink disposal unit can be a headache for many homeowners and their families. While most food disposal units can unclog themselves, there are some types of food that can be problematic for a food disposal unit. The following guide provides simple tips for preventing and elimination clogs in a sink disposal unit.

Sink disposal units are designed to process many different types of food. Most disposal units can handle rinds, meat trimmings, fruit skins, and more. However, food disposal units can not eliminate foods that stick to the side of the unit. For example, bacon grease can clog a food disposal unit over time. While most disposal units are good at handling solid food, many liquids or fatty solids can clog them.

There are several ways to unclog a sink disposal unit. If turning on the unit and running water doesn't clear it, then it may be necessary to run hot water through the unit. Try pouring boiling water down the sink disposal unit while it is running. Boiling water can dissolve many types of clogs.

If this doesn't work, a drain cleaner product may be effective at eliminating the clog. Most drain cleaning products contain sodium hypochlorite or sodium hydroxide. These products work by breaking down the chemical bonds between different foods.

There are several important things to remember when using a drain cleaner product. It's important to ensure there is adequate ventilation in a kitchen. It's a good idea to open several windows when using a drain cleaner. This will help prevent the buildup of dangerous fumes inside a home.

In addition, it's essential to avoid mixing different types of drain cleaning products. Many drain cleaning products work in different ways. While it may be safe to combine some to eliminate a challenging clog, others may form a dangerous gas when mixed. There have been many incidents of homeowners who have died from mixing different types of drain cleaner products.

Some clogged disposal units may require repair by a professional. By contacting a local plumber, it's possible to get a variety of home plumbing problems solved at a reasonable price.

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