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There are many different types and categories of plumbing emergencies and they are quite stressful to a conscientious homeowner. These accidents can involve a lot of water or even worse, sewer or waste water; this is not only stressful but is actually dangerous and possibly very costly. There are some steps a person can take when the pipes or Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc on the home.

If the water is gushing or leaking, the first step to avoid panic and save on costly repairs, is to shut off the water. If the leak is in the toilet or part of the sink, this is often accomplished by turning off the controls under the sink or next to the toilet. If the leaky pipe is located somewhere under the house or in the walls, the water should be shut off from the main water valve usually located outside the house or near the street. It is a good idea to locate this water shut-off valve before an accident occurs.

The second step is to find a good plumber. It is better if this is done in advance and a relationship is already developed. It is also better, if possible, to wait until working hours as on-call emergency plumbers are usually quite expensive. The internet is a good resource for finding the best plumber. Before making a decision, the wise homeowner should check references, check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints and get a quote in advance.

Finally, when the plumber is on the way, it is a good idea to clean up any standing water. The sooner the water is cleaned up, the less likely it is to cause long-term water damage or spread germs. This clean-up is easiest using old towels, a squeegee or a mop.

Most of these plumbing problems are best avoided with a proactive approach. This includes finding a reliable plumber before any accidents occur, protecting and maintaining the home’s pipes and joints, and covering or insulating any exposed pipes and joints.

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