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Choosing the right filter for your Windermere home is a multi-step process. The first decision you need to make is to decide what the purpose of the filter is. If your decision is controlled by affordability, then experts recommend getting a carbon filter. The filter can be utilized on your faucet, in a pitcher or in a large on the counter dispenser. However, effectiveness of these types of filters varies. If your goal is to remove as many contaminants as possible from your drinking water; reverse osmosis and a carbon filter can be effective. If you want to soften your hard water, then an ion exchange filter will work.

After you have decided what the purpose of your home water filtration system is, determining the functionality of the system should be considered next. A pitcher or a faucet mounted system is relatively inexpensive and easy to use but requires you to change your filter often. With installation help, the counter top filtration system can be also put under the sink. This system is larger and doesn't require the filter to be changes often on the down side it costs more to install. A whole house system filters all the water that is used in a home.

These systems come in different levels of service; some remove fewer contaminants while others are designed to removes more contaminants. The whole house system can also remove organic contaminants. These substantial filtration systems are more expensive, they clog more easily because of the load they charged to remove and this inadvertently reduces water flow. However, they effectively service the whole house.

Remember that while there are many different types of filtration systems, they all fall into the similar groups of technology to remove specific contaminants. A homeowner should start by determining what kind of contaminants they want removed. This can be determined after you know what contaminants exist in your water. If your water supply is from a community source, your water utility can give you test results. If your source is a private well, contact a testing facility to perform the tests for you.

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