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What Are the Top 10 Reasons Why a Toilet Clogs?



Sugar Land PlumberClogged toilets are always a problem, but surprisingly many clogs are avoidable. Often, simple accidents cause clogs, or people simply do not understand what types of items can safely be put down a toilet. Learn how to avoid clogged toilets.

Clogged Toilets

1. Tissue Paper

Plumbers usually find too much toilet paper lodged in pipes, which leads to future toilet jams. In addition, large amounts of multi-ply paper or balls of tissue often cause clogs in the narrow width of the toilet trap.

2. Fresheners

Toilet fresheners are frequently hung over toilet rims with metal or plastic hooks. These hooks deteriorate and fall into the toilet where they flow through the pipes until they catch and clog.

3. Mineral Buildup/Waste Accumulation

Minerals can buildup in toilet traps, which begin to collect tissue and other small items creating clogs. In addition, products such as dental floss, cigarette butts, cotton balls and q-tips are not meant for disposal in toilets. They cause waste accumulation that backs up in the pipes.

4. Flushing Harmful Items

In essence, human waste and tissue are the only safe things meant for flushing. Do not flush paper towels, diapers or baby wipes.

5. Roots

Tree and plant roots can begin growing into pipes and cause clogs.

6. Children

Kids frequently become fascinated with toilets and want to try floating toy boats or any number of other toys in the bowl. Most little kids just can’t resist flushing tiny plastic toys down the toilet to see if they’ll disappear. The toys usually catch on something in the pipes, and parents soon learn they have a clogged toilet.

7. Hair

Innocently tossing pet fur and human hair down the toilet doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, it mounts up and blocks the water flow for the toilet.

Clogged toilet8. Accidents

Many people place items on the top of toilet tanks or nearby sink counters. These often include things like toothbrushes, soap, razors, lotions or perfume. Inadvertently, these small items end up in toilets, and they travel down the pipes until they snag on the toilet trap.

9. Feminine Hygiene Products

Regardless of what the instructions say, do not flush tampons, sanitary napkins or pads down the toilet that expand and clog the sewer pipe.

10. Cat Litter

Always dispose of used cat litter in the trash. Plumbers don't recommend disposing of litter in toilets.

The best way to prevent toilet clogs is to educate your family about what is safe to put down a toilet. When in doubt, put it in the garbage can.

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