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Looking to buy a home? Get the plumbing inspected before you do!


Orlando PlumberWhen planning to buy a new home, a home buyer may tend to let their heart rule over rational thoughts at first. But many home buyers realize before buying, it's so important to know the condition of some of the crucial parts of a home. The mechanics of the home are some of the critical areas in which a professional should be called. This is why a plumbing inspection is essential.

One of the most important parts of a home is the plumbing. It may appear everything looks good but to an untrained eye, there may be hidden problems that could cost a homeowner a fortune later down the road. Don't fall into a mess. It's always better to be one step ahead and know what the property entails before you run in to a major emergency.

Let's face facts, times can be tough, especially for new homeowners who have already spent a lot of money to purchase the home. It should be up to speed in all areas and plumbing is a major area where a professional should be called upon.

Hiring a professional to inspect the plumbing is imperative because it is not a do it yourself operation. A professional knows what the cost can run upfront without guessing and they can offer suggestions from experience if they do find any problems.

Orlando Plumbing InspectionA professional plumbing will look for water wasters like:

  • types of faucets that need replaced
  • pipe system leakage behind walls and foundations
  • hidden leaks in appliances like washing machines and dishwashers
  • maintenance repairs to a hot water heater

With a professional plumber, he can tell how old a pipe is and it's condition. They can recommend new low flow fixtures that will make life more efficient and save money for a homeowner. One of the biggest water wasters is a slow leak in a toilet. Sometimes it's even hard to tell until it gets bad and much water is wasted. If a homeowner is paying for water with the local municipality, dollars can be wasted.

Professionals have the tools to do a pressure test on the pipes and they know what to look for. If the home has a sump pump, it will activate when it's needed. If it sits dormant for a long period of time, can a homeowner rely on the device? A pro can make sure it will work when needed in order to save the foundation from major repairs. Things like these a potential homeowner may not be aware of.

It's so important to use a pro when inspecting a new or existing home. From each area of the home plumbing is found. If an inspection is done by a professional, it could save big money in the long run. Plus, a homeowner will know exactly what kind of shape the plumbing system is in.

Don't be left with a mess. Use a professional plumber when inspecting a home. It will pay off in the long run and can save a fortune.

Looking to buy a home in the Orlando area? Call Shamrock Plumbing and Drain Cleaning at (407) 292-8881 and get the plumbing inspected before you do!

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