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Even though your tap water might meet EPA standards, there are better options, such as using a home water filtration system. Even though at the source, at the municipal water supply the water might meet the epa standards, the water has to travel through miles of pipes and your own home pipes as well, this provide ample opportunities for bacteria and impurities to leach into your home water supply.

When you use a water filtration system not only is your kitchen tap water noticeably clearer, it actually has less impurities.

Home filtration systems are most cost effective and easier on your environment than bottled water. You may think that bottled water is healthier for you however; there are not any studies that show bottled water being any healthier than filtered tap water.

You may think that the initial cost of a water filtration system is too much and as cost efficient as the .79 a gallon bottle of water, however the cost of bottled water is an ongoing cost, the only ongoing cost for your filtration system is the changing of the filters. Also the cost to the environment of countless empty gallon jugs (which takes about 500 years to decompose) filling up our landfills far outweighs any initial cost for the home water filtration system.

Ice cubes should be taste free and with a filtration system you can have clean ice, cleaner glasses and dishes from the dishwasher and what about coffee and tea which are almost 100% water.

Problem=soap scum in your bath tub, solution=water filtration system.
Soap lathers up and rinses out much more thoroughly with water that has been filtered.
When taking a bath or shower we are trying to get clean, not shower ourselves with unseen impurities.

You can actually lower your laundry costs by using filtered water, the detergent lathers and rinses better; therefore you can use less soap.
Also, your clothes will last longer if they are not subjected to minerals and contaminants in the washer.

Possible an even greater savings is less wear and tear on your washing machine. The mineral deposits and contaminants in water can actually shorten the life of your appliances.

Think its time for your new home water filtration system? Let Shamrock Plumbing experts give you the enjoyment of pure water, call us today at 407-292-8881!

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