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Popular Plumbing Myths Debunked

Orlando PlumberHome owners are also continuously looking at the maintenance and care that is a part of owning property. Plumbing is one of the main concerns to keep the value of your home higher and to stop larger problems from occurring.

While this is important, the care required for the pipes in your home are often overlooked or filled with common myths.

Debunking these popular myths can also help to keep your home in the best shape while avoiding build up from your pipes.

Following are the five common myths that cause problems for those that are taking care of their plumbing without professional care.

Myth 1: Hand Soap Clear Out the Pipes

Many home owners favor putting hand soap or dish soap in the sinks to clear the pipes. While this works effectively to keep other items in the home clean, it does not help with plumbing.

The build up in pipes as well as the texture of the pipes requires special formulas and methods to keep debris out of the pipe line while removing clogs that can easily accumulate.

Myth 2: Down the Drain Also Means a Clear Pipe Line

It isn't until there is build up and back up that home owners call the plumber. Many are led to believe that as long as water continues to go down the drain, it does not require maintenance.

However, debris and other clogs may slowly be building up without your knowledge. Shifting landscapes and weather alterations may also cause problems with your pipes. Continuing to maintain pipes with professional help to prevent clogs while keeping a smooth flow with your plumbing system.

Myth 3: Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Many believe that lemons in the garbage disposal, as well as running continuous water, helps to clear blogs in the garbage disposal. Contrary to popular belief, this can add up to damage in the garbage disposal.

If there are chunks of food that are not being disposed, this will add up with breaking the blades in the garbage disposal and accumulating with unnecessary clogs. Instead, you will want to keep the disposal free and clear of unwanted materials.

Myth 4: The Drip in the Faucet is Not a Problem

A common mistake with home owners is to let the drip in the faucet build. If it does not happen as often, then it may be easy to overlook. However, you will want to instantly act on the warning signs.

The drip most likely means that there are underlying problems that are building up. Connecting to a plumber to reverse the problem will also prevent further damage and problems from occurring.

Orlando Plumbing-MythsMyth 5: Toilets Can Manage Anything

There are many that decide to put garbage or other larger items down the toilet. It is easier than a sink or the garbage. However, the pipes that are on the other side of the toilet cannot break up or manage the items.

You don't want to place anything in the toilet other than toilet paper. This leads to backups and may break the pipes used for flushing.

With the proper maintenance and care, you can keep the plumbing in your home like new. Finding the correct care and taking care of potential plumbing problems as soon as you see them occurring also allows you to maintain your care with the support of a professional.

Don't let the myths get to you in your Orlando home. Call Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (407) 292-8881 today, and overcome these plumbing myths!

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