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Causes of Clogged Drains in Orlando, FL


Orlando PlumberClogged Drain Causes

Clogged drains, regardless of the cause, are annoying, to say the least. Chances are most homeowners or business owners will have the opportunity to find out first hand this is true. There are several reasons a drain may become clogged, and often unblocking the drain is an immediate fix, but not necessarily the underlying reason. The most common causes of clogged drains include:

Objects or debris:

Foreign material can cause a drain to clog. Material such as soap, food, hair or anything that lodges and builds up over time can cause a blockage or flow outside of the pipes by getting caught in the drainpipe. Material that is clogging the drain may take a while to build up, but once it does water will not flow freely and the drain will be blocked.

The most common blockage occurs in the toilet because of too much toilet paper or other paper products that are too bulky to flush. Clogged toilets must be taken care of immediately to avoid damage to the floor and surrounding area.


Heavy downpours of rain can cause outside drains to become blocked. The rain causes buildups of leaves, dirt or other material that may be in the path of the flow of water. Outside drains, for the most part, are not built to support heavy downpours so they can get clogged easily and often, depending on the amount of rainfall in a particular area. Blocked outside drains can cause damage by flooding the property.

Broken or frozen pipes:

Pipes that are made with weak material or pipes that are aging may break or crack. The water is not able to flow properly once this occurs. Likewise, in cold climates, water may freeze in pipes and damage the pipes. Damaged pipes of this nature are typically due to faulty installation, tree roots and age.

Tree roots can cause extensive underground damage to the pipes and may require investigation to determine where the damage is. This would likely require digging in the property and several hours of work. Underground damage can be disruptive and costly to repair.

Incorrect pipe installation:

With the best of intentions of doing the work themselves, do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and repairs may end up being quite expensive. Professional plumbers are experienced and trained to avoid the pitfalls a DIY’er is not aware of.

Poorly installed or misaligned pipes may cause damage or completely collapse. The right pipes and materials foe a specific job are critical elements that most DIY persons are not going to be familiar with. Pipes that are not installed correctly are dangerous to the homeowner, the property and the neighbors’ property. That DIY project that was meant to save money may end up costing a lot more if the job is not done correctly.

Water flow:

Drain CleaningGravity dictates that water flows downhill, not uphill. Pipes that are installed without adequate falls can contribute to the buildup of material that ultimately results in a blocked drain.

With the many potential causes of clogged drains, it is important to address the underlying problem of what is causing the clog and not simply address the symptoms.

The symptoms may present themselves in different ways, such as gurgling sounds, water draining slowly, or unpleasant odors coming from the sink or drain.

The plunger is something no home should be without because many times the plunger will remedy a clogged drain, but again, generally, this is treating the symptom, and not addressing the underlying cause.

If the drain gets clogged, the plunger clears the way and there are no further issues, the problem is resolved. If the drain consistently clogs, this could be a sign of a bigger issue and a professional plumber should be called.

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