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It isn't often that someone reinvents the wheel. But with Trenchless Sewer lines, and Trenchless Sewer Line replacement that is exactly what has been done. Experts in the field have improved upon an time tested system of waste removal and improved upon not only the system itself but the way in which sewer lines are replaced and installed.

This innovation on a modern day necessity has opened the doors for business and residential replacement of sewer lines without the unsightly and inconvenient process of digging up and destroying property simply to replace pipes which may have burst, been damaged by naturally growing plant-life or are simply too out of date to properly remove waste.

With the implementation of Trenchless Sewer Lines, the updating and replacement of old, broken and out of date sewers the updating of needed plumbing is no longer a task which may require a business to shut down for days or weeks at a time. Residents no longer must face the prospect of their property being dug up or permanently damaged. Instead, with Trenchless Sewer Lines, the old piping of an existing sewer is replaced through a process which allows the technician to not bypasses the need to remove the old piping, but lay the new sewer lines without any need to create new trenches.

Trenchless Sewer Lines are laid into put into place in less than half the time conventional sewer replacement would take. A wedge is inserted into the old piping and pulled through. As it travels through the old piping it slices or breaks up the existing piping. As the wedge moves, it leaves behind the new sewer line, and with no digging or manual removal of the old piping. This means that with the exception of the mechanics used to pull the wedge and new piping through, there is no construction and destruction above ground.

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