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If you are thinking about installing a new shower or upgrading your old one, then you should consider hiring a professional to do the job. The following are the top five reasons why you should hire a plumber to install your shower.

Shower Shamrock Plumbing

1. Ensure that new building codes are met and followed. A licensed professional will be up to date with new codes and local laws. Some of these building codes include proper bathroom ventilation, pressure regulating or thermostatic mixing valve, shower door heights and openings, and shower wall heights and materials.

2. Make sure that the job is done right. A licesened professional should be able to install the bathroom to your specifications and, since you hired a professional, you will not have to worry about something going wrong with the project.

3. Save you time. The plumber will be able to install your shower quickly, most likely within a day or so. On the other hand, a novice may spend days or even weeks completing the project, while tying up your precious bathroom space. By hiring a plumber you can eliminate wasted time without having to worry about the results.

4. Save you money. He will be able to address any issues that come up during the remodel and offer a permanent solution. A novice, on the other hand, may overlook something like a leaky pipe which, in time, could cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

5. A professional relationship. If you do not like something you can tell the plumber about it without worrying about how it will affect your personal relationship.

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