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Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Garbage Disposal Units Can Be A Casualty On Thanksgiving

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, especially the fact that the entire family gathers together, even if it’s just once a year. Many also enjoy the different foods that are on the table at Thanksgiving dinner, and that particular day is one to remember.

Orlando, FL Garbage-Disposal-ServicesUnfortunately, when it’s time to clean the table of leftover foods, many of the foods end up going down the garbage disposal unit.

Although many Orlando home garbage disposal units can handle the foods that go into them, those who don’t put the right foods in the unit may damage it irreparably.

Although Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for many, it’s also a day to consider the garbage disposal unit as silly as that may seem.

Those who have garbage disposal units in their kitchen have it under their kitchen sink, and everything has to go through this sink.

If the garbage disposal unit stops up, stops working, or acts up, it may not be possible to use the kitchen sink until the unit is fixed. Those using a garbage disposal unit on Thanksgiving need to ensure that they only put foods in the unit that can be disposed of.

What Can A Garbage Disposal Get Rid Of?

A garbage disposal unit is very tough, and the strong blades are able to slice through many foods. Those who have dinner on Thanksgiving may see themselves eating all kinds of foods, especially different meats that they may not eat any other time of the year.

One such meat that is eaten on Thanksgiving is turkey, and even the best-cooked turkeys are still very tough, and a garbage disposal unit may have a hard time getting rid of this meat.

Those who have lamb, chicken, ham and more may also want to avoid putting these meats down a garbage disposal unit. Garbage disposal units are best used for soft foods and any foods that can easily be chewed by a person.

Fixing A Broken Unit

Don’t fret if your Orlando home garbage disposal unit happens to break because it’s not the end of the world. A plumber can easily fix the garbage disposal unit, and if need be, the plumber can remove the unit permanently, allowing the sink to be used without the unit.

Those who want to continue using their garbage disposal may have to replace it if the plumber cannot fix it. A good plumber will be able to diagnose a broken garbage disposal unit and possibly fix it.

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