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3 Most Dangerous Household Plumbing Mistakes

Orlando PlumberMaintaining a safe and effective home plumbing system is important, since we use water in several key ways at home. Laundry, bathing, and dishwashing are just a few common activities that require the aid of indoor plumbing.

However, like other household systems, the home's pipes and water supply can develop problems. When serious signs are noted, it is best to call a professional plumber to avoid making a dangerous plumbing mistake.

Toilet Backup

An occasional toilet overflow can happen when someone uses too much tissue, for example. But a seriously clogged toilet likely requires professional help.

If a child has flushed a toy or a piece of valuable jewelry has accidentally been dropped into the bowl, a plumber has the precise tools and knowledge to retrieve these items and restore the toilet to normal function. A homeowner who tries to do it may end up damaging the system or causing a major mess.

Flooded Basement

Basements can flood for a number of reasons, including if the sump pump or hot water tank break. Someone who is not used to dealing with flooded floors can get electrocuted very easily.

Orlando Dangerous-PlumbingIf the water stands for several hours, bacteria can begin to build up, leading to a potential health hazard. Skilled plumbers know how to assess the problem's source, repair it, and clean up the pooled water to eliminate danger.

Leaking Pipe

Some people try to fix a leaky pipe with duck tape or another homemade remedy. The problem is that these simple efforts do not permanently fix the problem.

Instead, the leak may get worse and lead to a severe break in the pipeline before long. Broken pipes allow water to gush into the home and create serious issues.

When a problem occurs, it is safer to have a professional fix it. Although many homeowners try to save money and time, along with their self-esteem, in an effort to address problems like these, the end result often makes the problem worse.

A plumber can quickly diagnose the issue and frequently make a prompt repair that is well worth the time and money.

Don't get mixed up in a serious plumbing issue in your Orlando home. Call Shamrock Plumbing and Drain Cleaning at (407) 292-8881 today, and have the professionals clean up that mess.

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