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Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

Remodeling bathrooms have become popular for 2016. One of the first New Year’s resolution is to remodel one’s bathroom. Four most popular remodeling trends are showers, neutral colors, sinks, and bathroom countertops.

Orlando, FL 2016 Bathroom Annual TrendsShowers to Fit Your Bathroom

According to plumbers, one of the biggest trends of 2016 is remodeling one’s Orlando home shower. Jacuzzi tubs are a thing of the past. Based on a plumber’s observation, some people are installing oversized showers.

Others opt for a touch of luxury by adding multiple shower heads and built in benches. Most of the benches are drop-down.

It is a space saver, and it gives the elderly the option of safely sitting down to take showers. Most of the showers are walk-in.

Neutral Colors

Plumbers see more neutral colors for 2016. Traditional colors seen are white and off white. Other common colors are brown and tan, beige, and pale yellow. Some plumbers think that it depends on the region in which people live.


According to plumbers, under-mount bathroom sinks are very common. The sink is below the countertop, and they are easier to clean. Under-mount sinks need a solid surface countertop that is either stone or granite.

Bathroom Countertops

Plumbers state that there are various types of countertops. Some of them are marble, concrete, granite, and quartz. Among the list, quartz seems to come out on top for 2016.

  • Marble is durable and eye-catching. It does not dent or chip easily. It matches any style bathroom. The only caveat is that it stains easily, and it may get scratches.
  • Concrete is not harmful to the environment, and it lasts long. The concrete has to be waxed and sealed on a regular basis.
  • Granite is one of the most popular countertops. It does not require much maintenance. It does not scratch easily, and it is heat resistant. Granite will increase the value of one’s Orlando home, but it is pricey.
  • Quartz wins out as the top pick for 2016 in bathroom countertops. One does not have to seal quartz. It is much stronger than granite. It is also stain resistant and wards off bacteria. Warning: It is more expensive than granite. One thing to look out for is that if the finish is textured, it will show fingerprints or smudges.

It is 2016! Get a fresh new look to brighten things up in the house. A nicely remodeled bathroom would be a great place to start. Please call Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc. at (407) 292-8881 for assistance. The location of the company is Orlando, FL.

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