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Does your water heater need maintenance?


Orlando Water Heater MaintenanceHot water heaters do no break down often, but when there is a problem with the heater, a professional plumber should be called in to do the repairs. Homeowners do not have the knowledge or equipment to work on electrical or gas hot water heaters. Without the proper knowledge, a homeowner could make the problem worse and possibly cause damage to the home.

Whether your hot water heater is leaking and causing a flood or you feel it is time for an upgrade in your heater, a professional plumber can repair or install a new one right in your home. Our licensed and trained plumbers know how to find the leaks, check and replace the fuses and relight the pilot lights. With tanks that are leaking, the power needs to be shut off and the tank will need to be drained and fixed. In some circumstances, the tank will need to be replaced for the safety of the home.

Some warning signs that a hot water heater needs some maintenance by a professional plumber are if the homeowners are seeing cloudy water running out of the faucet. When a plumber sees the cloudy water, he knows it is a sign of sediment that has built up in the bottom of the tank. The plumber can then empty out the tank, clean the sediment out and then refill the tank.

If homeowners notice that it is taking a lot longer for the water to heat up, the plumber will check the elements and replace any of them that are not working. If the water is not getting hot, it may be that the top element on the tank is not working properly and needs to be replaced. If the water gets hot quickly, but does not stay hot and runs out fast, it means that the bottom element is not working and needs to be replaced.

Professional plumbers know how to check and repair any problems with your hot water heater. A good maintenance program would be ideal for all homeowners so smaller problems can be detected and fixed before a major problem occurs.

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