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Does your home need to be repiped?


Orlando RepipingThere are numerous signs that directly point to a home needing to be repiped. Some of these signs are really obvious while others may not be noticed unless a person has the training and skills to spot problems with such piping.

The first and most obvious sign that can point to a home needing to be repiped is when a pipe in the home springs a leak. This will generally result in water damage and is a sure sign that a pipe in the home needs to immediately be replaced. When it comes to leaks in the home it is always better to replace the pipe than to patch it up. Patches only last for so long and can result in the pipe bursting again. That is why it is important for a homeowner to immediately go out of their way to replace the section of the piping that has been damaged.

Another sign that a pipe in the home may need to be replaced is when you turn on a facet and the water spits out in air bursts before it begins running smoothly. Air in the pipe generally means there is a leak or air has managed to get into the piping from another source. When this happens it can lead to pipes eventually bursting. Whenever a person spots this sign they should immediately employ a professional plumbing service to assist them the repiping process.

If the water pressure in a person's home has changed dramatically this can again be a sign that repiping is needed. Oftentimes decreased water pressure can be a sign that a leak is in the piping that is decreasing the pressure. This can only be fixed when the pipes are replaced that have been damaged.

Another major sign that repiping in the home is needed is when a person's tap water begins to taste strange or has an odor to it. This generally means that the piping is old and needs to be replaced. This sign is also a major health concern. Again, when this happens a person should immediately seek out the services of a professional to immediately rectify the situation.

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