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Garbage Disposals: One Efficient, Affordable Response to Food Waste


Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your HomeIn a 2009 report, the EPA estimated that Americans generate 4.34 pounds of solid waste per person per day and collectively 243 million tons of solid waste per year. That is a yearly trash pile equal in weight to about 61,000 mid-size American automobiles. A good chunk of that is in the form of food waste--the scraps, leftovers, and rotten food that we throw into the garbage that later lives on in landfills or eventually gets converted into dangerous greenhouse gases.

There are many excellent practices that address the problem, like recycling and composting. Another simple, almost immediate solution we recommend from experience that addresses the food waste problem and provides a host of other benefits to the consumer is installing a garbage disposal unit at your home. While garbage disposals don't eliminate the problem on a large scale, they can more efficiently reduce the volume of food waste in landfills, one household at a time.

Garbage disposals are small units that fit under the sink and are compatible with your existing plumbing. They come in various sizes, models, and motor strengths and offer different convenience features like stainless steel or quiet operation versions. Once installed, you can throw most soft food scraps directly into the sink. The unit shreds and processes the food waste down into tiny particles, while extracting the water from the food, separating the roughly 70% water content from the 30% solid content. The water is then sent through the pipes to be processed at existing water treatment facilities for reuse. The solid waste is converted into fertilizers or disposed of. In contrast to the standard waste removal and management system (garbage trucks and landfills), the garbage disposal system is much more efficient and ecologically friendly.

In addition, garbage disposals are more sanitary and tidy, reduce rodent and pest potential, and allow for quicker meal time preparation and clean up. They're affordable and easy to install, with most units ranging from $60 to $300 and installation by a qualified professional taking between 1 and 2 hours. When used properly, they're safe and durable.

While garbage disposals are not the ultimate solution to a complex problem, they do offer us a quick and significant means to manage the food waste problem more effectively. They require minimal investments of our time, money, and energy and offer some bonus conveniences to boot. If you're ready to get a garbage disposal for your Orlando home, give us a call at 407-292-8881 and set up an appointment with one of our experts today!

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