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Water Filtration in Homes Is a Must

These days, it is vitally important to ensure that homes have properly filtered water. While tempting to assume water that looks high quality is high quality, this is unfortunately not always the case. Filtration is of particular importance for water that homeowners consume – either through drinking, cooking, or any other way.

Having healthy water is just as important as having healthy food, perhaps even more important. Homeowners should not only make sure to have adequate home water filtration, but they should also understand how exactly filtration improves water quality. Read on for the three main ways that water filtration helps.

Improves Water Smell and Taste

water Proper home water filtration is vital for an enjoyable water drinking experience. In other words, the best water is the water that people don’t smell or taste! However, if water is not adequately filtered, it can have strange odors and tastes that make for a very unpleasant experience.

While there are many different culprits of poor water smells and tastes, some of the most common include:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Solid pollutants (dissolved)
  • Various metals

However, when homeowners install water filtration systems, they can filter out the culprits and create a much better water drinking experience for everyone in the home.

Removes Chlorine and Lead

Chlorine and lead removal are incredibly important capabilities of home water filtration systems. Starting with chlorine, this is typically found in water sourced from municipalities, as the chemical is often added to eliminate toxins in a large scale, cost-efficient way. While chlorine is not immediately toxic upon ingestion, it can have long-term health impacts, so homeowners should make sure they have filtration systems that can remove chlorine.

With regard to lead, this can be extremely harmful if ingested. After all, this is why many homes and apartments need to pass lead inspections! Lead can enter the water through all different sources, with the most common ones being faucets, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures. Water filtration systems can remove this dangerous toxin, therefore making an even stronger case for homeowners to have water filtration systems.

Prevents Other Harmful Pollutants


There are a variety of other harmful pollutants that may be found in water and therefore require proper filtration. The main ones to beware of are viruses and bacteria. These can often enter the water if it was sourced from a well. Unlike municipal water, well water does not usually have chlorine added to it, so these toxins will remain in the water sent into homes.

Water testing is the primary way that homeowners can detect whether or not these toxins are present in drinking water. And since there are few legal requirements that force homeowners to get their water tested, the safest action is to install a home water filtration system. If homeowners are indeed worried about these types of toxins, they should be sure their filtration systems are capable of filtering these toxins in particular, as not all systems can specifically filter out bacteria and viruses.

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