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What Exactly Is Hard Water? 

In hard water, the water has a high amount of minerals dissolved in it, such as calcium and magnesium ions from the geology near the source of the water. Although it is not dangerous, these minerals in hard water can cause a number of problems. This article is a quick discussion about dealing with hard water by installing a water softener and signs it’s necessary for a home. 

What Are Water Softeners? 

water softenerWater softeners work by removing the minerals that are dissolved in hard water. The hard water minerals can result from rock formations in the water source and can cause issues for a household, so water softeners are installed to reverse the negative effects of hard water. 

In order to soften hard water, a water softener uses a tank of a special material that attracts the minerals. All the water serving a home will flow through this tank and relinquish its ions to the softening media, typically resin. Periodically, it will be refreshed by the water softening system, washing itself with a brine solution. This process is automatic and ensures soft water is always available for drinking, cooking, and washing. 

Signs a Water Softener Is Necessary 

waterHard water is more of a spectrum than a binary option. Most homes deal with at least some level of hardness in the water that interferes with how it behaves as people use it in their daily lives. Simple water quality tests can determine if hard water is present, but there are clear signs that a home has hard water. Some signs of hard water are: 

  • Clothes fade quicker  
  • Dirty or spotted glasses and dishes after washing
  • Dry hair and skin
  • Strange tasting water
  • Scale deposits build up in water heaters and pipes
  • White-colored scale deposits on faucets and fixtures 

Reasons to Install a Whole-Home Water Softener

Many people who have lived with hard water all their lives don’t realize the advantages of installing a whole-house water softener. Some of the benefits of installing a water softener are:

  • More hydrated and healthier hair and skin
  • Longer-lasting appliances that use water, like water heaters
  • Cleaner and spot-free dishes
  • Longer-lasting and brighter clothing
  • Fewer plumbing repairs
  • Better-tasting water
  • A smaller amount of soap and detergents are needed for cleaning 

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