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Residential Versus Commercial and How they Differ

There are many differences between residential and commercial plumbing systems. With commercial plumbing, the buildings are significantly bigger and require heavier walled pipes. These pipes are needed to ensure the plumbing system can keep up with the demand a commercial building will require.

Both residential and commercial plumbing has rules and regulations to follow. However, due to the types of businesses a commercial plumber will have to complete work for, they have stricter rules and regulations to follow. For example, if a hospital has a plumbing issue and water is leaking into a patient's room, that would be considered an emergency and would have to be fixed right away.

With commercial plumbing, if a customer has an issue and has to close the company down until the problem is fixed, they can lose money while the plumber is making the repairs. This is why commercial plumbers must be able to respond quickly to an emergency call. Whereas residential, they have emergency calls, but they are not always as emergent as a commercial plumbing job.

How Big and Little the Work Can Be 

Both commercial and residential plumbers have a lot of duties. Here is a list of some of their responsibilities:

  • Plumbers have to be able to install pipes and plumbing fixtures accurately and precisely. 
  • They have to have a keen eye for finding issues and the root cause of the problem.
  • Plumbers have to be knowledgeable about the equipment they use.
  • They have to know how to estimate the work they find.
  • Plumbers have to know what type of work they need to recommend to the customer.

Depending on the company a plumber works for, they could have more responsibilities, and the scope of the work can be vastly different, whether it's commercial or residential.

Building Size Can Affect Difficulty 

Aside from the fact that commercial plumbing systems are specifically designed to fit their unique building, commercial pipes also get quite a bit more use than residential pipes. This makes the plumbing system work harder, which then, in turn, can cause toilets or sinks to back-up more frequently. It can also be more challenging to find a clog in a commercial plumbing system than in a residential one due to its complexity. The wide range a commercial plumber would have to cover in a building to find where the problem is located can be difficult and time-consuming.

With Bigger and More complicated Systems, There Could be More Risks

letters While the problems found in residential and commercial plumbing do look similar, commercial plumbing can be more intricate. A plumber will have to fix the issue a different way versus how a residential plumber would. With commercial plumbing, the plumbers also have to worry about water pressure in high-level buildings. Due to the multi-level floors, if the building had a leak, it could be catastrophic to the floor below the leaking pipes. Once a leak is noticed, it is imperative to have a plumber come out and fix the issue at hand.

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