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Why Is Water Pressure Low in the Shower?

Low water pressure in the shower can be a frustrating problem for homeowners. It can seem like the water pressure gets low out of nowhere. The first step to fixing low water pressure is figuring out the source of the problem. 

In this blog post, plumbing experts discuss the possible causes of low water pressure in the shower and some possible solutions. When all else fails, a professional plumber can quickly diagnose the problem and come up with a speedy solution. Low water pressure in the bathroom can often be attributed to several common issues. 

How Bathroom Plumbing Works 

A clogged drain could be the cause of the low water pressure. All bathroom plumbing fixtures connect via a series of pipes hidden in the walls, below cabinets, and below the floorboards. When there is a clogged toilet, clogged sink drain, or clogged shower drain, it can cause an imbalance of water pressure within the system

Clogged drains can be detrimental to the performance of bathroom plumbing. It may be necessary to call in professional help for drain cleaning services to get the shower plumbing back in the best shape. Plumbers have specialized tools such as drain snakes to remove clogs. 

Finding Hidden Leaks leak

Another reason that a showerhead could suddenly have poor water pressure is that a leak has sprung somewhere in the shower plumbing. When there is a leak in the waterline, there may not be enough water reaching the showerhead to produce optimal pressure. It can be hard for homeowners to notice leaking pipes hidden out of sight. 

Homeowners should make a point to inspect their pipes every so often for signs of leaks by looking into crawlspaces, attics, basements, and under cabinets. Listening carefully to hear the sound of dripping water through the walls is another way the homeowner may be able to detect a hidden leak on their own. 





Checking the Showerhead 

Scale is a result of natural minerals in the water. It is normal for there to be many minerals in the water supply, but an overload of minerals can have ill effects. Having too many minerals in the water supply is called hard water. A water softener can reduce the effects of hard water by removing some minerals. 

Negative effects of hard water include making hair and skin dull and dry-looking. Scale leaves a film of mineral deposits on top of plumbing fixtures, making them more difficult to keep clean. 

Over time the scale can build up on the showerhead and prevent water flow. Cleaning the showerhead with a descaler can be a temporary solution, but the homeowner may want to invest in a water softener to keep it from happening again. 

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