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The Top Plumbing Costumes This Year

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time for some ghoulish fun, sugary candy, and fun with friends. One of the toughest choices outside of what candy you’ll have is what to dress as.

While many people opt for the classics, ghosts, superheroes, and the like, thinking outside the box may be just as important. If you’re looking for some trick-or-treating costume ideas for this year’s holiday, look no further than these hilarious and creative plumber costumes! They’re sure to be a hit.

This Baby Plumber Costume is Simply the Cutest

While babies certainly look adorable dressed in their Halloween costumes, it can be tricky to keep them comfortable at the same time. This baby costume offers the perfect solution by keeping baby cozy snuggled up to mommy while looking adorable dressed up as the cutest Mario character of all time.

baby plumber

Plus with this costume you can leave the stroller at home or use it as a basket for all the candies you’ll be sure to get - what a great idea!

Look No Further Than This Mario the Plumber Costume

One of the most recognizable and beloved plumbers in history - Mario the Plumber - also makes for the best plumbing-inspired costume. Great for both men and women, this fantastic take on the beloved video game character and his pal Yoshi is sure to score big time in the candy department this year!

mario the plumber

The Award for Most Creative Costume Goes To...

This adorable little girl decided to dress up as one of the most recognized plumbing elements - the toilet! What a funny and great idea! Any excuse to pay homage to one of the most important modern plumbing inventions is a good one - and it’s certainly a bonus if it’s creative like this toilet services costume. Definitely no tricks needed here - this kid is sure to get all the treats.

toilet costume

Dogs in Costume Are Always a Win

Your favorite furry family member doesn’t want to be left out this Halloween. The problem is there’s a lot of the same old doggy costumes out there, like a lion or dinosaur.

dog plumber

With this doggy plumber Halloween costume, your pup is sure to get some extra pets, extra laughs, and extra treats by all they meet. A play on the classic plumber stereotype, even your favorite plumbing company will get a kick out of this one.

Mix Holidays for the Most Creative Halloween Costumes Yet!

It’s understandable when you have trouble deciding between two of the most beloved holidays - Halloween and Christmas. This Santa plumber costume not only solves the problem of having to choose between holidays but it also hilariously pays tribute to one of the most important and well-known professions of all!

plumbing santa

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