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Should You Worry About Plumbing Upkeep?

Smart homeowners know how important it is to maintain the plumbing on their property. Clogged, damaged, improperly installed, or poorly-maintained pipes and plumbing features can quickly worsen from an inconvenience to a major problem that can seriously damage the property and pose significant health risks.

Here is a closer look at why plumbing maintenance is so important to help homeowners reduce the risk of damage and improve home safety.

Clean Plumbing Performs Better

homeProperly taken care of, a home’s plumbing system is designed to last a long time. It depends on the materials that are used. Pipes, fixtures, and appliances need regular maintenance checks. Some homeowners try to save a few bucks by putting off or skipping plumbing maintenance visits. 

But the truth is, rather than just another expense, proper plumbing maintenance prolongs the life of the entire plumbing system, keeps the system running safely and efficiently, and even lowers utility bills. Maintenance checks are a prudent investment to protect much more significant investments, like the home and the health of everyone living there.

Furthermore, plumbing problems can pose a serious risk to overall home safety. For example, some of the health risks involved can include:

  • Cross-contamination between drinking and wastewater
  • Bacteria, mildew, and mold
  • Backed-up sewage may contain salmonella, hepatitis, or E. coli.
  • Lead exposure

It Also Lasts Longer

Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance visits can prolong the life of the entire system. For example, a plumbing specialist can determine if the water heater has accumulated too much sediment. By catching this problem early, relatively simple steps like flushing the tank and replacing the anode rod can prevent further damage and eliminate the need to replace the water heater far too early.

Another example highlights the importance of having a licensed master plumber perform a maintenance check on the home’s septic tank at least once per year. This is especially important in Greater Orlando, where Hurricane Season usually means torrential rainfall. Heavy rain resulting from severe storms can cause the home’s septic tank to malfunction or overflow.

The licensed professional might recommend installing a sump pump backed by battery power if this problem is found during a normal plumbing maintenance appointment. This simple solution will prolong the septic tank's life and prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

Finally, Maintenance Helps Save Money

saveThe most important takeaway is that professionals can catch most plumbing problems early during regularly-scheduled maintenance visits. This allows the issues to be addressed before they cause more expensive damages or an entire replacement. Repairs and replacements are a much heavier financial burden than regularly-scheduled maintenance visits.

Also, professionals often have insurance that protects homeowners from being financially responsible if something gets damaged or someone is injured while working. The same insurance does not cover DIY plumbing repairs so that homeowners could pay out of pocket for any unexpected costs. 

Another way plumbing maintenance saves homeowners money is through utility bills. Maintenance saves money on the bills because it improves efficiency. Plumbing maintenance can lower water bills, and the water heater's maintenance can help reduce energy costs.  

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