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Understanding Your Coverage Against Water Damage

While many homeowners have purchased homeowners insurance, a large portion of people are not actually aware of everything that is covered. One of the most frequently asked questions about these policies is if it covers water damage and a residential plumber to help with the issue, if so, what specific types and under what specific circumstances. The answer, however, is slightly less clear and depends on the company that your insurance policy was purchased under and requires a little research to clarify.

Water Damage From Water Leaks

water leaksOne of the clauses in a homeowner’s policy that can sometimes cause problems in the case of water damage is that certain companies (like Allstate) will only cover it if it happens as a result of a “sudden” accident.

Situations that this might apply to would be a water heater rupturing and drenching the home’s drywall or a ceiling that has sustained water damage as the result of an upstairs water leak.

However, there are also certain situations in which the insurance company will refuse to pay anything on a claim: water damage due to unresolved maintenance or water backup coming from an outside drain or sewer. Most policies also will not cover the actual source of the water damage, and nearly none of them cover acts of flooding.

Water Damage and Flood Insurance

Homeowners who have suffered water damage due to a flood should be aware of The National Flood Insurance Program, which supplements the traditional homeowner’s policies to also provide coverage in the case of flooding.

The flood insurance, provided by FEMA, protects the homeowner’s personal property (clothing, small appliances, furniture, etc) as well as some of the home’s structural components (floors, walls, cabinets, and larger appliances).

flood insurance

If they live in an area where flooding is likely, or even possible, purchasing the supplemental FEMA flood insurance can provide homeowners with significant peace of mind and security from any unplanned, devastating natural events. It is a small price to pay to prevent an event where most of the home can be damaged or even destroyed.

Responding to Water Damage

water damage In 99% of the cases involving water damage to the home, the flooding is a shocking, unplanned for plumbing event. However, in addition to contacting their insurance coverage to let them know and verify what, if anything, is covered under their home insurance plan, there are also certain water damage services that plumbing companies can help with.

Water damage services may include a full evaluation of the home from top to bottom, which allows the company to start the water damage clean up process while also assessing and estimating the potential cost.

The cleanup and advice provided by the company will also help the homeowner to get ahead of potential mold issues that can occur in the wall or under any carpet, which is common with flooding related issues.

Other issues that a plumbing company can assist with is stopping the growth of the various types of bacteria that can cause health problems, and make sure that none of the wood in the home starts to rot as a result of the water damage.

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