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Signs the Garbage Disposal Is Broken 

The garbage disposal in a kitchen sink drain is a necessity in many households. By grinding up food waste small enough and carrying it away from the home, it can help avoid clogs in the piping. But what happens when the garbage disposal stops working? This blog post will share some common signs a homeowner should look out for, indicating their garbage disposal needs repair.  

Strange Noises From the Drain 

noisesExcept for its usual grinding noise when in use, garbage disposals shouldn’t make any sound. That means if homeowners hear unusual noises from their disposal, it may need repair. These sounds may include: 

  • Rattling: A rattling sound may indicate that something’s stuck in the garbage disposal, like a utensil. It could also mean that the blades or another part are loose and need tightening. 
  • Humming: If the garbage disposal hums (but the blades won't turn), something could be wrong with the motor, or there may be a jam. 
  • No sound at all: If the garbage disposal doesn’t make any sound at all, a problem with the motor or power supply could be responsible. 
  • Clicking: This could also mean that something’s stuck in the garbage disposal, preventing the motor blades from spinning. 

It Doesn’t Work Well Anymore

Ideally, the home’s garbage disposal should mince up waste and send it through the plumbing system. If it can’t get the job done quickly enough anymore or at all, this could point to an underlying problem. Some signs that the garbage disposal isn’t working well include the following: 

  • Has trouble working quickly: By being unable to chop up waste quickly anymore due to dull blades or another issue with the unit, the garbage disposal may let large chunks get caught in the plumbing system, causing clogs. 
  • The reset button must be used often: Many garbage disposals have reset buttons that can help when the unit isn’t working, but if it gets used frequently, there is typically an underlying problem.  
  • Frequent clogs: Clogs in the pipes could point to an issue with the garbage disposal being unable to do its job properly. 

The Garbage Disposal Smells Bad

smellsGarbage disposals are usually a great convenience. However, when problems arise, they can become incredibly inconvenient and cause bad smells in a home. Foul odors coming from the disposal are often caused by an accumulation of food particles stuck inside that have begun decaying. 

The best practice for keeping garbage disposals in the best condition and preventing problems is to clean them regularly and avoid putting certain substances into them. Grease, fats, oils, coffee grounds, potato skin, and other fibrous materials should all be avoided as these can cause clogs or build-up in the piping or disposal that will quickly lead to bad odors. If homeowners experience a particularly foul smell coming from their disposal, it is important to have a professional come take a look and repair any underlying issues.

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