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Pipe Corrosion: What Is It and How To Prevent It?

Pipe corrosion is basically a death sentence for any pipe in the plumbing system. Essentially, it is what happens when the pipe becomes rusted and worn down. When pipes become corroded, there is no turning back. The only option is to have the pipes replaced via a professional repiping service. Of course, there are ways to prevent pipe corrosion in the first place. Preventing pipe corrosion is the only way to avoid the necessity for repiping services, and the best way to prevent pipe corrosion is with yearly maintenance and cleaning. 

This article will cover all homeowners need to know about preventing pipe corrosion as well as what makes the pipes corrode in the first place and what to do when they reach the point of no return. 

What Makes Pipes Corrode in the First Place?

To put it simply, high oxygen levels are the main reason plumbing pipes corrode. Internal oxidation from oxygen exposure causes metal to degrade. Water with increased oxygen levels will cause pipes to corrode over time. The weather really affects how much dissolved oxygen is in water—the colder the weather, the high dissolved oxygen. 

Two of the other main things that cause pipe corrosion are low pH in water and water turbulence. High water pressure can cause the pipes to corrode over time. 

Some of these things are hard to prevent, so the only other option is to have repiping services done. There’s more information on repiping services below. 

Pipe Maintenanceplumber

The only real way to prevent pipe corrosion is with regular professional pipe maintenance. Cleaning the pipes regularly can help reduce the chance of pipe corrosion because there is nothing left behind to build up and eat away at the piping. 

Of course, there are ways homeowners can clean and maintain the pipes between professional maintenance services. 

A few different ways to clean and maintain pipes include: 

  • Soften the water as much as possible
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals down the drain 
  • Insulate the pipes
  • Lower the water pressure

If homeowners take these few precautions, there’s a good chance they won’t ever have to deal with corroded pipes. 

Corroded Pipes Need To Be Replacedpipes

Still, if and when it does occur, a professional service known as repiping can get the job done in no time at all. Repiping is often the last resort for homeowners because, more often than not, the yard and landscaping have to be dug up to reach the pipes in question. 

Repiping is also an expensive service. Homeowners won’t have to worry about their pipes for many years afterward, but it is a service that most homeowners try to avoid as long as possible. Following the steps mentioned above will help prevent corrosion altogether!

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