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Meet Adrienne Bennett: A Plumbing Pioneer

Adrienne Bennett is a plumbing pioneer who has had an inspiring journey to the top of her field. She started as an apprentice but quickly rose to become a respected independent contractor and was even the first Black woman to become a master plumber in the country. She is a true trailblazer, and her passion for the plumbing industry has made her a respected leader. Keep reading to learn about Adrienne's story and her path in the plumbing industry.

Her Start

Adrienne Bennett was interested in math and science from a young age and would build aircraft models. This led her to start a training program with an engineering firm which was a pathway to Lawrence Technology University. She wanted to study mechanical engineering, but she left the firm and never went to college after a racially charged incident with someone who worked at the engineering firm. 

After a few years of doing odd jobs, she was approached at a 1976 election rally by a recruiter from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit. He was looking to recruit minority women for a skilled trades apprenticeship program which she joined, apprenticing for a plumbers’ union. She did well in the program. However, she also faced harassment and bullying from her male peers. 

From Apprentice To Contractor

contractorOnce Bennett finished the 4,000 hours of experience she needed to qualify for the master plumber exam, she took it, passed it, and became the first Black female to become a master plumber in the United States and her home state of Michigan.

Her journey began as an apprentice, but through hard work and determination, she climbed the ranks to become a master plumber, project manager, plumbing inspector, and code enforcement officer for the City of Detroit. But she wasn’t done. 

Independent Contractor

contractorAfter holding many jobs in the plumbing field, Bennett started an independent contracting business that she runs with her son, where she is the President and CEO. Her company is involved in rebuilding Detroit after the financial crisis and has gotten big contracts in the city, including for Little Caesars Arena. 

Adrienne Bennett's journey in the plumbing industry is an inspiration to many because of how she made her own path in a male-dominated industry. Her wide range of experience has made her an expert in the field, with a deep understanding of all aspects of plumbing. Her journey from apprentice to CEO is a testament to her determination and passion for the industry.

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