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Pressing vs. Urgent Plumbing Problems

The simple truth is, no plumbing problem should ever be ignored. All of them will require attention at some point. However, there are varying degrees of seriousness concerning plumbing problems. For consumers, knowing the difference between problems that are just urgent as opposed to problems that are outright emergencies could make all of the difference. 

For emergencies that are mistaken for less serious issues, the results could be disastrous. Failing to replace a sump pump could mean a flooded basement, or failing to replace faulty piping could mean ruined floors and walls. Calling the appropriate plumber at the right time is all that is needed to prevent trouble. 

Conversely, calling a plumber for an emergency that could wait until morning adds unnecessary costs to repair bills. Most after-hours plumbers charge extra for keeping their technicians on call. Knowing when to call could make all of the difference in the price of an individual’s plumbing repairs. 

Urgent: Broken and Burst Pipes


The main difference between urgent plumbing calls and emergency plumbing calls is in the amount of risk involved. Plumbing emergencies always carry with them the threat that extra damage could be done. 

Broken pipes are always an emergency. All of the pipes inside the home carry large amounts of water at high pressure. When pipes burst, all of that water rushes out and can quickly flood entire portions of the house. Even if the homeowner is quick enough to shut off water to the home, the family still won’t have water until repairs are made. In any situation with broken or burst pipes, it is an emergency that requires immediate professional help. 

Pressing: Clogged Toilet

Plumbers often get after-hours calls for problems that don’t require immediate attention. Dealing with clogged toilets is one of the most common cases where homeowners don’t need immediate help from a plumber. However, finding a responsive plumber during business hours is a pressing matter. 


While a clogged toilet is alarming, it isn’t an emergency. In most cases, simply turn the water off to the toilet and wait until business hours. If the homeowner hasn’t tried plunging the toilet, they might try that as well. 

Urgent: Sewage Backup

While clogs are not usually emergencies, sewer backups are a different story. If a sink backs up, it's not a big deal. If the sewer that serves all the plumbing in a home won’t drain, the water is unusable until the situation is fixed. Showers, sinks, and toilets won’t drain until the clog is removed. 

To get things back to normal quickly, emergency plumbers should be called to snake or hydro jet the sewer line. When homeowners notice sewage backing up into bathtubs, floor drains, or accumulating on the lawn, an immediate call to an emergency plumber can prevent damage and get things moving again. 

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