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Let Drains Declare Independence from Clogs

Independence Day means a day off from work and fun celebrations of everything we enjoy about our nation. One of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day is to host a cookout for family and friends. Firing up the grill for a cookout as everyone prepares for evening fireworks displays is one of the most American activities around. 

Hosting a party on the 4th of July means increased usage of a home's plumbing. Guests will be coming in and out to use the facilities, but they will likely dump dishes in the sink. For drains that are clogged, the added traffic could be more than they can handle. This year, protect the kitchen sink drains with tips from local Orlando plumbers. 

Keep Food Scraps Out of the Draindrain

One of the best ways to protect kitchen drains, not just during the holidays but all year round, is to keep food scraps from washing down. Food waste is one of the greatest contributors to drains and sewer problems because all the debris easily collects inside pipes and can adhere to piping walls. Once the debris is stuck in the pipe, it can be very difficult to remove. 

Scraping dishes into the trash before they are put into the sink is an easy way to make sure food stays out of the drain system. Even when garbage disposals are used, keeping food scraps out of the sink will prevent problems down the road. 

Discard Cooking Grease Appropriately 

Of all of the kitchen waste that causes drain problems, kitchen grease is the worst. Kitchen grease won't clog a drain immediately. It will build up slowly over time, giving the homeowner the impression that it's ok to dump grease in the sink. Once enough grease has hardened in the pipes, serious clogs will form that are difficult to remove. 

Instead of washing grease down the sink, save it for later use in a can or wait until it is cool and dump it in the trash. Once the dishes are clear of large amounts of grease, wash dishes with plenty of dish soap and hot water. 

Keep the Garbage Disposal Workinggarbage disposal

Garbage disposals help prevent clogs in kitchen drains. While they do a good job at macerating food scraps, they aren't intended to be used to dispose of food scraps. They are only intended to reduce the size of food waste that happens to end up in the sink. 

Some of the food debris to give special attention to is: 

  • Potato peels
  • Celery
  • Onion skins
  • Coffee grounds
  • Bones
  • Fruit pits

All of these are examples of things that can destroy a garbage disposal. Instead of sending them down the drain, throw them in the garbage. 

For garbage disposals that aren't working, or homes that don't have one. Repairing or installing garbage disposals can help prevent drain problems down the road. Find a local plumber to help install these trouble-saving appliances. 

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