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Goodbye, Plumbing Clogs! 

Every homeowner, at one point or another, has dealt with a clog. Sometimes, a good ol’ plunger can remove these obstructions. Other times, homeowners need to turn to trained professionals. However, one of the best ways to avoid clogs and prevent the damages that can occur from them, such as leaks and burst pipes, is to avoid them in the first place. There are simple things that homeowners can do to prevent clogs and other plumbing problems.

Routine Professional Drain Cleaning 

Having routine drain cleaning done by a professional is an effective way to avoid clogged drains and keep a plumbing system running smoothly. Professional drain cleaning services will not only help eliminate build-up that has already occurred in pipes but can also help prevent future clogs down the line using specialized tools like drain snakes and hydrojetting.

This is especially helpful if someone has an older home with outdated pipes that are more prone to clogs due to sediment build-up. Professional drain cleaning will help break down and remove debris and sludge accumulation before it has a chance to cause blockages in the pipes. 

Using professional drain cleaning services can help homeowners avoid messy and expensive issues like overflowing toilets and sinks or backed-up sewer lines. Professional drain cleaning services are an effective way to maintain a healthy, properly functioning plumbing system in a house.

Getting Mesh Drain Screens mesh

Mesh drain screens cost less than five dollars. However, these small devices can save hundreds on repair bills in the long run. That’s because mesh drain screens prevent things like food waste from getting down the kitchen sink’s drain. Even with garbage disposals, chunks of vegetables, meat, and other debris can lodge inside the sewer main, causing hard-to-reach clogs. 

Mesh drain screens aren’t just for kitchens, though. They are also helpful in bathroom sink drains and drains in the shower and bathtub. Then, hair, soap residue, and other materials won’t travel down the drains and cause or worsen obstructions. It’s a simple change that can help the plumbing immensely.  

Avoid Pouring Fat, Cooking Grease, and Oil Down the Drain 

greaseA homeowner might pour a skillet full of oil down the kitchen sink and think, “Oh, cool, nothing bad happened.” Yet, there’s more to that story beneath the surface. Deep in the sewer line beneath a property, fat, grease, and oil can congeal to create something called “fatbergs.” 

Fatbergs are giant globs of waste that can cause nasty obstructions. Homeowners can’t remove these tough clogs with a plunger; instead, they must rely on trained professionals who can locate the fatberg and extract it using specialized technology. To avoid clogging and fatbergs, homeowners should avoid putting any cooking oil, grease, or fats down the home’s drains. Instead, they should be allowed to cool and then disposed of in the garbage.  

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