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Signs the Water Heater is Faulty 

On average, a water heater can last about 15 years. Some tankless water heaters can even pass the 20-year mark. Yet, this lifespan isn’t guaranteed upon installation. A water heater’s long life can sometimes depend on how quickly homeowners can identify issues and get them repaired before they worsen.  

A homeowner should schedule an appointment with a water heater technician if they notice the following signs: 

Fluctuations in Temperature temperature

If homeowners notice issues with the water temperature, including temperature fluctuations and there never being enough hot water, these signify problems with the water heater. If a homeowner notices a change in their water heater’s temperature, they should consult a professional. 

Reasons for a loss of hot water from the water heater include: 

  • The heating element isn’t working correctly: If the water heater’s heating element doesn’t work, then the water will never get hot. 
  • There are too many people in one household: Water heaters come in different shapes and sizes. If the water heater isn’t big enough to meet the home’s water consumption needs, one could find themselves constantly taking freezing showers. 
  • There’s mineral build-up inside the water heater’s tank: Some minerals, like calcium, can accumulate inside a water heater. This can ultimately affect how hot the water gets and for how long. 

A water heater technician can determine why it isn’t working properly, and then they can advise homeowners of their options for solutions. 



No one wants a hot water leak. Not only does this prevent water from remaining hot, but it can also do a nasty number on a homeowner’s utility bills. A water leak means wasted water. Some leaks are easier to fix than others. For instance, a plumber may only need to tighten a loose valve or replace a section of corroded pipe. 

Other situations call for more drastic measures. A plumber may identify a water heater tank that’s corroded or cracked. In that instance, there’s no point in patching the leak. There, a professional may recommend water heater replacement. This could ultimately save homeowners more money in the long run. Certain WaterSense water heaters are also tax deductible. 

Above-Average Wear and Tear 

As noted, a water heater can only last 15 to 20 years before it experiences serious problems. However, some appliances don’t even hit the 15-year mark. For instance, consider a house with a lot of people. Because of above-average wear and tear, the water heater may only hit ten years before it needs a replacement. 

Some signs that a water heater may need a total replacement include the following: 

  • The water heater constantly has problems, from leaks to loud noises.
  • The water or energy bills are higher than usual. 
  • The water doesn’t get hot––or when it gets hot, it doesn’t last long. 
  • The water heater constantly turns on and off. 

Only qualified professionals should install, repair, or maintain water heaters. Although there are plenty of DIY videos online, attempting to install a water heater on their own could cost a homeowner way more time and money. They also risk damaging the water heater itself, voiding the warranty. 

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