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The Toilet Repair Process

Plumbers perform a wide variety of different services, like fixing low water pressure, unclogging, and even replacing toilets. The way that they fix a toilet, though, leaves a lot of homeowners in the dark.

This is especially true when it comes to understanding the types of tools required for many common plumbing services so the information below will shed a little light on that particular aspect.

What Tools are Required to Fix a Toilet

repairing toiletThe tools required by a plumber to fix a toilet vary depending on the type of repair that is needed. Common repairs include completing a flapper change, fixing low flushing pressure, and fixing a pan connector.

Generally, flapper changes can be completed without any plumbing tools! However, this doesn’t mean that a homeowner who has never done one before should try to take it on by themselves. Getting just the right fit for the flapper is key to saving water and having a toilet that works as it should.

For most other toilet repairs, there are only a few tools needed. Usually, these are a pair of long nose pliers, an adjustable wrench, and thick pliable wire. Mostly, these tools are used to remove the various seals and bolts that connect the toilet to the floor or wall.

What Tools are Required to Unclog a Toilet

Homeowners who unclog their own toilets generally only use a simple plunger. However, plumbers use a variety of other tools to unclog a toilet. In addition to being able to unplug a toilet with a plunger, plumbers also have other options available. The most common one is the plumbing snake (also known as an auger). This tool is fed into the toilet and down the pipes and then grabs onto the clog to remove it.

tools for unclogging

Another tool that plumbers can use to fix a toilet clog is hydro-jetting. With hydro jetting, water is forced into the pipes to essentially “blast” the clog through and out. It fixes clogs extremely fast, but should only be used by a trained professional to fix a toilet due to the risk of injury. As a reminder, homeowners should never use a liquid drain cleaner.

What Happens if The Toilet Needs to be Replaced?

If everything has been done to try to fix a toilet, but it hasn’t been successful… the entire toilet may need to be replaced. The tools needed to replace a toilet are not that different from those needed to fix one.

To replace a toilet, a plumber uses:

  • replacing a toiletAdjustable wrench - Used to disconnect the water supply and the bolts underneath the toilet tank and on the floor.
  • Tape measure - To measure the dimensions of the new toilet versus the old one.
  • Pliers - Can be used in place of an adjustable wrench to remove the floor bolts.
  • Bucket
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Putty knife

A full toilet replacement can be lengthy and difficult, typically taking up to a few hours. Due to the importance of having the toilet installed properly and the risk of pipe and plumbing issues when it is not, this should only be attempted by a professional plumber.

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